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In the mid 1900's, a profoundly deaf young man battles to save his life when success as a gun shearer in the Australian outback meets his troubled past.

Introducing Julie Carbone's debut novel.
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About Julie

Author Julie Carbone

Julie works part time as an anaesthetic nurse. Facing life and death scenarios often, this has given her insight into the unsung heroes who just do life. So many people's lives are incredible. Obstacles overcome, dreams realised, good times and laughter, tough times and sadness. We just need to hear their stories. That is Julie's dream. To tell the world the stories that otherwise, remain hidden. If they could do it, so can we.

Her debut novel Harry takes her father's captivating outback Australian tales and surrounds them with his inspirational life.

She is passionate about many things. Chocolate, family and breaking down people's stuffy stereotypes are just a few.

She lives with three adult children and one husband, whose life's goals are to keep her humble, and three dogs and two cats who are constantly hungry, no matter how much they eat.

A member of the Australian Writers' Centre and Writers Centre SA, she has completed numerous creative writing courses and hopes to one day be taken seriously as an author.

She is currently working on her second novel.

Why I wrote 'Harry'

Picture of Harry

We would sit around the dining room table. Having just finished our evening meal, my siblings and I waited for dessert to be served. The English style menu was uncomplicated in this Adelaide suburban home. As mum collected the empty plates and started making the custard to pour over the apple and rhubarb crumble baking in the oven, we five children tried to be patient. The early seventies held the belief that children's taste buds were, like one's appendix, unnecessary anatomy. And dessert was definitely the highlight of the often arduous evening meal. Even giving thanks in prayer did not seem to help as we waded through tough chops, boiled carrots, peas and cabbage, but the treasure of dessert at the end of a tasteless and tortuous journey was usually worth it.

The wait never seemed as long if we could get Dad to tell us one of his marvellous tales. Some evenings, he was just rearing to go. On others, he was tired from the day's work or weary with life's worries and would need a little coercion. But no matter how much effort we needed to give; it was definitely worth it. Whether it was a story about maggots or bunyips or a little church that changed his life forever, Harry's worn face would light up, his eyes begin to twinkle, and he would begin. Then for the next few minutes, dessert and everything else was forgotten as we were lost in the enthralling world of the outback that Harry had known for so many years of his life.

Dad captivated us with his yarns and inspired us with his life. This fictionalised biography will do the same for you too as you read his tales and discover his life story.

I have loved the hours (the years) spent writing this narrative and endured the long slow discomfort of self-discovery in this my first completed triumph as a writer.

Picture of Harry

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